Python代做 | VSFX 160 – Quilting in Python Assignment

VSFX 160 – Quilting in Python

Posted pdf for VSFX 705 Spring 2013
Updated on Aug 21  2019

This assignment will focus on the student becoming familiar with the basic programming concepts discussed in class and implemented in Python with Turtle graphics.


Using turtle graphics, produce a “sampler quilt” using turtle graphics and python. The quilt will consist of five blocks, each with its own theme. Each block is repeated five times and all are arranged to form the entire quilt.

Your quilt should include five unique patterns (suggestions – flowers, simple or complex geometric shapes – see suggestions below)

Start with an arrangement with each pattern in a column. 5 X 5
Next try arranging them in a table 5 X 7 that is cyclic (modulus or “remainder operator” %) will come in handy here.

4 0 1 2 3 4 0
3 4 0 1 2 3 4
2 3 4 0 1 2 3
1 2 3 4 0 1 2
0 1 2 3 4 0 1

Define the quiltRows, quiltColumns, blockSize so that the user can easily change these along with the size of each block (assume the blocks are square)

[Recursion in a block is NOT required for this assignment and is only advised once you have a version of the quilt working without.]


You will be allowing another student to try your program in class.  Please use this as an opportunity for feedback for improvement. This is an exercise also in receiving and giving constructive criticism. This is also an exercise in going through the submission process of handing in exercises.

Work incrementally – build one block at a time – strongly advised to use functions. Break this assignment down into individual pieces and test each individual part in isolation.

  • Start early
  • Think carefully about the overall program design – write up a plan – what functions, what arguments they will need
  • Test your program in small pieces
  • Write it so someone else is able to understand it easily

Submission guidelines:

The project will be submitted to your dropbox in a folder (also called a directory) named:


The directory should contain the following:

  • (you may submit multiple versions labeled with the postfix
  • F19_V160_E1_LastnameFirstname.pdf or html (a brief description of information you would like to communicate). This document is to provide a user’s guide noting any extra features you have added. In future, the pdf/html will provide a breakdown with your target audience being your peers.
  • F19_V160_E1_LastnameFirstname.jpg (or png) – a screen snap of your result

Remember to test your file before handing it in!


Clean efficient code and a cool visual are the emphasis.
Meeting the minimum specifications, 80%.  To move your grade above 80% go beyond the specifications, demonstrate exploration and understanding. Consider using color, filled shapes, and so on – but first get the basic assignment working.


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