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游戏作业代写|CSSE1001/CSSE7030 Farm Game Assignment 3 Semester 1, 2022

这是一篇来自澳洲Semester 1, 2022的关于为农场游戏实现一个图形用户界面(GUI)的游戏作业代写


1 Introduction

In Assignment 3 you will implement a graphical user interface (GUI) for Farm Game. Farm Game is a role-playing video game in which the player runs a farm, planting and harvesting crops, tilling and untilling soil, and buying and selling seeds and produce. An example of a final completed game is displayed in Figure 1.

As opposed to earlier assignments where user interaction was handled via calls to input, user interaction in assignment 3 will occur via key-presses and mouse clicks.

Your solution will follow the Apple MVC design pattern covered in lectures. To assist you in your implementation, the model classes have been provided along with some extra support code and constants; see Section 4 for further details. You are required to implement a series of view classes as well as the controller class.

2 Setting Up

Aside from downloading and unzipping a3.zip, to begin this assignment you will also need to install the Pillow library via pip. Instructions on how to install Pillow can be found here1 .

3 Tips and hints

You should be testing regularly throughout the coding process. Test your GUI manually and regularly upload to Gradescope to ensure the components you have implemented pass the Gradescope tests. Note that Gradescope tests may fail on an implementation that visually appears correct if your implementation is wrong. You must implement your solution according to the implementation details from Section 6. Implementing the game using your own structure is likely to result in a grade of 0. Note also that minor differences in your program (e.g. a few pixels difference in widget size) may not cause the tests to fail. It is your responsibility to upload to Gradescope early and often, in order to ensure your solution passes the tests.

This document outlines the required classes and methods in your assignment. You are highly encouraged to create your own helper methods to reduce code duplication and to make your code more readable.

Except where specified, you are only required to do enough error handling such that regular game play does not cause your program to crash or error. If an attempt at a feature causes your program to crash or behave in a way that testing other functionality becomes difficult without your marker modifying your code, comment it out before submitting your assignment. If your solution contains code that prevents it from being run, you will receive a mark of 0.

You must not add any imports; doing so will result in a deduction of up to 100% of your mark.

You may use any code provided from the teaching staff of this course in this semester only.

This includes any code from the support files or sample solutions for previous assignments from this semester only, as well as any lecture or tutorial code provided to you by course staff. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that this code is styled appropriately, and is an appropriate and correct approach to the problem you are addressing.


1 简介

在作业 3 中,您将为 Farm Game 实现图形用户界面 (GUI)。 Farm Game 是一款角色扮演视频游戏,玩家在其中经营农场、种植和收割庄稼、耕种和耕种土壤,以及买卖种子和农产品。 图 1 显示了最终完成的游戏示例。

与通过调用输入处理用户交互的早期作业不同,作业 3 中的用户交互将通过按键和鼠标单击进行。

您的解决方案将遵循讲座中介绍的 Apple MVC 设计模式。 为了帮助您实现,模型类连同一些额外的支持代码和常量一起提供; 有关详细信息,请参阅第 4 节。 您需要实现一系列视图类以及控制器类。

2 设置

除了下载和解压缩 a3.zip 之外,要开始此作业,您还需要通过 pip 安装 Pillow 库。 可以在此处找到有关如何安装 Pillow 的说明1。

3 提示和提示

您应该在整个编码过程中定期进行测试。 手动测试您的 GUI 并定期上传到 Gradescope,以确保您实施的组件通过 Gradescope 测试。 请注意,如果您的实施错误,Gradescope 测试可能会在视觉上看起来正确的实施上失败。 您必须根据第 6 节中的实施细节实施您的解决方案。使用您自己的结构实施游戏可能会导致 0 分。另请注意,您的程序中的微小差异(例如小部件大小的几个像素差异)可能 不会导致测试失败。 您有责任尽早并经常上传到 Gradescope,以确保您的解决方案通过测试。

本文档概述了您的作业中所需的类和方法。 强烈建议您创建自己的辅助方法以减少代码重复并使您的代码更具可读性。

除非另有说明,否则您只需要进行足够的错误处理,以便正常玩游戏不会导致您的程序崩溃或出错。 如果对某项功能的尝试导致您的程序崩溃,或者在您的标记修改您的代码的情况下以某种方式测试其他功能变得困难,请在提交您的作业之前将其注释掉。 如果您的解决方案包含阻止其运行的代码,您将获得 0 分。

您不得添加任何进口商品; 这样做将导致扣除高达 100% 的分数。


这包括仅来自本学期以前作业的支持文件或示例解决方案中的任何代码,以及课程工作人员提供给您的任何讲座或教程代码。 但是,您有责任确保此代码的样式正确,并且是解决您正在解决的问题的适当且正确的方法。


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