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软件建模与设计代写|SWEN30006 Software Modelling and Design Project 2: PacMan in the TorusVerse

1.1 Background

As you know, Arcade 24™ (A24), the modern game company has been developing their new game design, PacMan in the Multiverse to provide die-hard PacMan players with something new. That version of the game adds various monsters and maze items.

However, A24 is aware that the Multiverse alone will not be sufficient to engage the die-hard players.

So, while development on the Multiverse continues, A24 has engaged your team to develop an editor and test app for another variation of the game: PacMan in the TorusVerse. You will not be concerned with the changes for the Multiverse: TorusVerse will be developed based on the simple version. Then, A24 will deal with merging the MultiVerse and the TorusVerse at some point in the future.

The TorusVerse will focus more on the maps provided for the game, and included features to allow characters to, for example, exit from the left and reappear on the right (doing this left-right and topbottom effectively makes the map a torus). Further, the game will support multiple levels so players can progress from one level to the next. To provide these maps, TorusVerse will need a map editor and tester.

New Application Requirements

2.1 Game Capabilities

2.1.1 Multiple levels/maps

  1. A game of PacMan consists of multiple maps; all these maps are stored in a single folder (Game Folder).
  2. Each map file in the Game Folder has the extension “.xml” and is stored in xml format.
  3. The maps are a grid of tiles; each tile corresponds to one location in the game map.
  4. These maps include the locations of all elements; the existing property file locations become irrelevant.
  5. All and only map files with names starting with a number (1, 2, …) are included in the game. Other files in the Game Folder are ignored.
  6. Maps are played in ascending number order. No two maps can have the same number. The numbers do not need to be contiguous.
  7. If PacMan successfully completes the last map, it wins the game; completing an earlier map will take PacMan to the next map.

2.1.2 Portals

  1. A map can now contain pairs of portals.
  2. Portals are represented by portal tiles on the map; two matching portal tiles in different locations are required.
  3. Each pair is connected: if PacMan or a Monster moves onto one portal, it will be transported instantly to the other portal. (To go back it would need to move off the portal and then move back on.)

These portals can be used to create a torus effect, that is, to have creatures move off one side of the map and appear on the opposite side. They could also be used, for example, to give PacMan access to an area which is not otherwise accessible (like an isolated room) or a way to bypass pursuing monsters which would corner PacMan.

2.1.3 Autoplayer

The provided basecode supports an autoplayer setting and provides and autoplayer, however you are required to provide a smarter autoplayer with potential for further improvement.

  1. The game should include an autoplayer setting.
  2. If autoplayer is off, the game is played interactively by a human player in the usual way.
  3. If autoplayer is on, the game is played automatically.
  4. The autoplayer must be capable of completing the game (all levels) in the case that no monsters are present. Note that this needs to consider the presence of any portals.
  5. The autoplayer must use a directed approach to find and eat each gold/pill in turn. It must not use random movements to try and stumble across these items. (Note: Finding and downloading path-finding or similar Java code may make this task easier.)
  6. The autoplayer should be designed to allow for easy extension into being a smarter autoplayer in the future, e.g. one which can deal with monsters (Trolls and T-X5 at least) and ice cubes.



1.1 背景

如您所知,现代游戏公司 Arcade 24™ (A24) 一直在开发他们的新游戏设计,Multiverse 中的吃豆人,为顽固的吃豆人玩家提供新的东西。 该版本的游戏添加了各种怪物和迷宫物品。

然而,A24 意识到,仅靠 Multiverse 并不足以吸引铁杆玩家。

因此,在继续开发 Multiverse 的同时,A24 已聘请您的团队为游戏的另一个变体开发编辑器和测试应用程序:TorusVerse 中的 PacMan。 您不必担心 Multiverse 的变化:TorusVerse 将基于简单版本开发。 然后,A24 将在未来的某个时候处理 MultiVerse 和 TorusVerse 的合并。

TorusVerse 将更多地关注为游戏提供的地图,并包含允许角色从左侧退出并重新出现在右侧的功能(执行此左右和上下有效地使地图成为环面)。 此外,该游戏将支持多个级别,因此玩家可以从一个级别升级到另一个级别。 为了提供这些地图,TorusVerse 需要一个地图编辑器和测试器。


2.1 游戏能力

2.1.1 多层次/地图

吃豆人游戏由多张地图组成; 所有这些地图都存储在一个文件夹(游戏文件夹)中。
游戏文件夹中的每个地图文件的扩展名为“.xml”,并以 xml 格式存储。
地图是瓷砖网格; 每个图块对应于游戏地图中的一个位置。
这些地图包括所有元素的位置; 现有的属性文件位置变得无关紧要。
游戏中包含名称以数字(1、2、……)开头的所有地图文件。 游戏文件夹中的其他文件将被忽略。
地图按升序播放。 两张地图的编号不能相同。 这些数字不需要是连续的。
如果 PacMan 成功完成了最后一张地图,它就赢得了比赛; 完成较早的地图会将 PacMan 带到下一张地图。

2.1.2 门户

门户在地图上由门户图块表示; 需要两个位于不同位置的匹配门户磁贴。
每一对都是相连的:如果 PacMan 或 Monster 移动到一个入口,它会立即传送到另一个入口。 (要返回它需要离开门户然后再返回。)

这些传送门可用于创建环面效果,即让生物离开地图的一侧并出现在另一侧。 例如,它们还可以用于让 PacMan 可以访问无法通过其他方式访问的区域(如隔离房间),或者绕过可能会逼近 PacMan 的怪物。

2.1.3 自动播放器


在没有怪物存在的情况下,自动播放器必须能够完成游戏(所有级别)。 请注意,这需要考虑任何门户的存在。
自动播放器必须使用定向方法依次找到并吃掉每个金币/药丸。 它不得使用随机移动来尝试和偶然发现这些项目。 (注意:查找和下载路径查找或类似的 Java 代码可能会使此任务更容易。)
自动播放器的设计应允许在未来轻松扩展为更智能的自动播放器,例如 一个可以对付怪物(至少是巨魔和 T-X5)和冰块。


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